20 Different Types of Houses in Different Countries

20 Different Types of Houses in Different Countries

The world is beautiful and amazing. Have you ever wondered what traditional houses look like in other countries? Since time began, people started making a home for themselves. No matter the country or the culture, the concept of home has always been important. Whether it’s a place or a feeling, people are constantly reimagining and redefining what a house means.

Here we have collected the most beautiful pictures of different types of houses in different countries You will be surprised because you will see pictures of houses around the world that are very similar to the designs traditional to our gaze. We here at Weblography have done a little research and found out how people in different countries equip their dwellings.

Join us on a tour of homes from around the world as we explore houses of different countries.


Houses in Spain

Spanish architecture developed with a unique design to a great variety of styles, and it blends graceful arches with bold curves & angels.


From World War II, Egypt is facing a serious urban housing shortage. Egypt is a beautiful country that is known for the Pyramids & Egyptian Museum.


Houses in Oman

Oman Houses have Islamic Architecture and every Oman house has its Own farm. The natural beauty of Oman is not all visible on first glance.


House in Russia

Russian architecture follows a tradition whose roots lie in early  luxury wooden architecture .


Houses in Vietnam

Houses in Vietnam is an extensive collection of historical and cultural attraction.


Houses in Australia

Beautiful Modern House in Australia Adorned with Authentic Features


Houses In Germany

Traditional old German houses with timber framing is beautiful and utterly fascinating


Houses in Brazil

The houses designed by Brazilian architect and their designs vary regardless of the location, culture, or influences..

United Arab Emirates

Houses in UAE

Houses in UAE are luxury and extremely beautiful with the beauty of the Arabian Gulf.


Houses in Singapore                                    A Look At Singapore’s Most BEAUTIFUL Bungalow House.

Sri Lanka

Houses in Sri Lanka

Luxury villa in Sri Lanka is a  wonderfully proportioned house that emphasizes its beautiful antique original features.


Houses in South Africa


Houses in China

Natural materials and organic decor bring warmth to Chinese home


Houses in Italy

Italy offers beautiful scenery, fabulous food, historic artworks, and charming villas near lake.

United Kingdom

Houses in UK


Houses in America


Houses in Israel


Houses in Bangladesh


Houses in Japan


Image Credits: Pixabay.com

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