40 Things to do at Home during Coronavirus Lockdown

40 Things to do at Home during Coronavirus Lockdown

Funny, Interesting & Productive Things to do at home quarantine

On the one hand, doctors advise us to stay at home and say that this is the only way to curb the coronavirus pandemic & the message is very clear #STAYHOME #STAYSAFE. On the other hand, the same doctors say that social exclusion is more dangerous for health than obesity and smoking. How to observe self-isolation and at the same time not to feel chubby, not to get bored and not harm yourself? What to do during quarantine at home? We found several activities that will help to make this strange life locked up in meaning and become a little better these weeks.

It just seems that sitting at home is boring. We all wants to try something new & wants to find the best ways to pass the time at home but don’t know what to do. Here is the list of funny, interesting & productive Things to do at Home during Coronavirus Lockdown. When you get bored at home, just randomly take any note and proceed according to plan.

  1. To dance to your favorite music.
  2. Play some mobile games like LUDO King, PUBG, CHESS, FlASH Of CLANES, CANDY CRUSH, SCRIBBLE.
  3. Watch all the top web series like Black Mirror, A Family Man, Money Heist, Panchayat, Game of Thrones.
  4. Take a lot of selfie, choose the best and update avatars in instant messengers and social networks.
  5. Move furniture to refresh the interior. Any changes in the environment improve memory and mood.
  6. Discover new music. You can search for it in as many as 40 different ways. Try it and you will realize how many great compositions you have not heard!
  7. Start writing some poems. It’s also great brain training.
  8. Explore the site you like and get ideas from there. Dig deep!
  9. Start your own channel on YouTube . You can make any type of videos and promote it on Youtube.
  10. Invest in yourself. Start a blog or video content. This is one of the productive thing to do at home.
  11. Start reading a book about travel , space or magic .
  12. Search any picture on internet and draw it.
  13. Arrange a spa at home: with face masks and hair ,a bath for hands and a brush for heels.
  14. Practice yoga . All that is needed for this is a little space on the floor and a rug
  15. Seduce your partner.
  16. Learn to meditate.
  17. Spend time with family
  18. Start listening to podcasts: educational or entertaining.
  19. Sit in front of the window with a cup of coffee and watch the passer-by, leaves and clouds to feel happy .
  20. Learn to cook.
  21. Choose an interesting online course and listen to it.
  22. View photos and videos stored in the smart phone and remove unnecessary.
  23. Update software on laptop and gadgets. Make sure the latest versions of OS and antiviruses are installed.
  24. Have a video call party
  25. Make your own unique interior decoration. This is one of the best thing to do at home during coronavirus lockdown.
  26. Make a list of goals for the next month, six months, and a year.
  27. Write short messages on small pieces of paper to your loved one.
  28. Enjoy Getting Foot massage.
  29. Together, draw the big picture on a huge sheet and glued album sheets.
  30. Do the cleaning.
  31. Make a list of the pros and cons of a task that you think a lot about. Should I have children? Should I buy a car? Going on vacation abroad or domestically?
  32. Cuddle the kids, arrange pillow fights.
  33. To clean the computer and smartphone from unnecessary applications.
  34. Update your profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Naukri.com
  35. Recall an old friend with whom they had not talked for a long time, and send him a message in the messenger or voicemail.
  36. Refresh memories by seeing old pictures.
  37. Compose and beautifully complete a crossword puzzle.
  38. Take a bath with foam by adding a couple of drops of your favorite aromatic oil to it.
  39. Pick a new hobby
  40. DIY Galore

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