5 Best and Trustworthy Websites to Find Work from Home Jobs in 2020

5 Best and Trustworthy Websites to Find Work from Home Jobs in 2020

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I am sharing my experience of working as a freelancer. After working for more than 4 years as a Digital Marketing freelancer, I want to share some Websites to Find Work from Home Jobs in 2020. If anyone wants to join the freelancing community, it is not easy. You should be expertise in any field and then clients will see your work first and then hire you. Getting the first job is not easy. For that, you should keep some patience and use the right approach to get your first job. Freelance attracts more and more people nowadays. But,

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There are so many websites are available on the internet but not all are trusted websites. Some websites ask you to deposit some amount of money before conduction of any interview or getting any job opportunity. You should not trust such type of websites to find work from home jobs in 2020. Because trusted websites never ask you to deposit money before getting any job. I am sharing some of the websites on which I have worked and they all are free websites. These websites would not take any money prior to getting a job. They only take their commission on each job. You should not pay advance money for that. The commission would only be deducted from your earnings. These websites will provide you full payment security so nobody can take your advantage. You will get 100% assurance of the payment. They have a very secure and thoroughly checked application to give entry to any new freelancer & client. Here is the list of some Best and Trustworthy Websites to Find Work from Home Jobs in 2020.

  1. Upwork

Upwork is a global freelancing platform where businesses and individuals connect and collaborate remotely. It is founded in 2015. It’s headquartered is in Santa Clara. I have listed Upwork on the top because I found it to be the most trusted freelancing platform. I have been working on Upwork since 2017. This platform is suitable for those who want to work with foreign clients. You can take long term projects from Upwork. Upwork is the best freelancing website in 2020.

First, you should make your public profile that will be available to the clients. You should include your skills and past experience. Also, you should maintain your job success score. The job success score is only be maintained by the client’s feedback and reviews. Your chances of getting a job will increase from a good job success score.

For your reference, I am sharing my job success score.

Best Freelancing Websites in 2020

Apart from this, Upwork is also giving an opportunity of making an agency account. Some people are running their company from Upwork because they have long term clients who are giving work regularly.

most trusted global freelancing platform

2. Freelancer

Freelancer is the second most trusted global freelancing platform. It is founded in 2009. It is is an Australian crowdsourcing marketplace website, which connects potential employers & freelancers. It is the most popular exchange where you have no doubt about the honesty of customers. It unites 247 countries and nearly 40 million users. It is basically available in many languages. The process of making an account on freelancer is quite simple. You will get some free bids in the beginning to start a freelance career.

Websites to Find Work from Home Jobs in 2020


Fiver is a global freelancing platform. It is founded in 2010 It is an Israeli online marketplace for freelance services. The site is popular, but it is desirable to have a basic level of English for communication with clients. In this website, you need not do bid on the project. You should just mention your work on your profile with a fixed price. Clients will automatically find you and contact you if your services match to their requirements. This site offering to provide services for a fixed fee of $ 5.

4. Truelancer

Truelancer is a Global Freelance Marketplace. It is founded in 2014. It’s headquarter is in New Delhi. It is an Indian Freelancing Website that connects clients and freelancers to collaborate and work together. It provides a wide range of services from design to management and consulting. It can provide a safe transaction service through its own payment system.

Work from Home Jobs in 2020

5. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is the oldest global freelancing platform. It is founded in 2007. It is a UK Based freelancing marketplace. It provides services to all professionals with the ability to quickly and safely search for fresh freelance jobs, work for home or in the office.

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