5 Major Fashion Mistakes In Menswear

5 Major Fashion Mistakes In Menswear

Everybody loves fashion but not everybody knows fashion.

The disparity that exists between the two will only get lessened once you comprehend the fashion mistakes you might be making in your wardrobe selection. Once understood, one should adopt it in their daily routine and then the outcomes will make the statement for you.

We, at My Perfect Fit, feel obliged to present to you the 5 major fashion mistakes one would find in menswear in the today’s world. These mistakes are being made, unknowingly, by a majority of people. But you don’t have to worry. We promise you that by avoiding them, you will look stylish in your own way.

The top 5 fashion mistakes in menswear are:-


  1. Not taking into consideration the physical attributes

Every individual has a different body type which makes it very essential for you to make clothing choices as per your particular body type. In terms of height, you may belong to one of the 3 categories i.e. Tall, Medium or Short, whereas in terms of body structure, you may belong to one of the 3 categories i.e. Big-size, Muscular or Skinny.

Since every attribute of your personality does affect in how you look overall, it is very important to consider few important aspects that will only enhance you to look more stylish every day.

For a short height person, we would recommend you to wear clothes having vertical lines or stripes, since it adds more verticality to the look while making you look taller. Whereas, for a tall person, we would recommend you to wear clothes having horizontal lines or patterns, since it justifies the verticality of the body while making sure your tall height works for you, not against you.

Similarly, for a big-size person, we would recommend you opt for minimum layering since adding heavy layers will only add to the bulking and thus, make you look bigger. For a skinny person, you should avoid skinny fit or loose fit clothing, since that will make you look weaker or skinnier. And for a muscular person, you should opt for minimum layering, since a perfect muscular body doesn’t require any extra bulking or layers. Also, if you wear heavy layers, it will only make your upper half look more bulky.

  1. Not opting for a perfectly fitting outfit

People underestimate the fact that a perfectly fitted outfit can do wonders for them and their overall look. A perfectly fitted outfit gives shape to your body with finesse, while making sure that every small aspect of your body is given due attention.

You might have made this mistake of buying clothes that don’t fit you well, which ultimately gives you a disproportionate look that doesn’t go with your physique. Honestly, it is very common when you’re buying off-the-rack clothes, instead of made-to-measure or bespoke clothes. Whether it’s a formal wear or an ethnic wear, we would always recommend you to opt for an outfit, that is tailored according to your physique.

Apart from this, you should also understand that a perfectly fitted clothing can enhance the personality of yours, like when you would be wearing a fitted blazer or a suit jacket, it will help build up your shoulders which will add more height to your overall look. Also, by keeping the blazer buttoned, it will create a slim silhouette that will make your chest look bigger and your waist look smaller, which will create both a slimming and heightening effect for you.

  1. Not experimenting with new styles of clothing

The one thing people are most resistant to do is experiment, especially with new styles of clothing. The times are changing and so are fashion trends. Whether you like it or not, you have to evolve your style of clothing to suit modern trends. For example, bell bottom jeans were a trend in the 1960s, but you wouldn’t find them anywhere these days. Trends come and go, but the one who accepts these trends, looks stylish.

Another similar approach to this would be to experiment them first, in order to portray yourself as a trend setter among the crowd. You should always remember that we’re in the 21st century having multiple choices for literally everything. A person, who wants to go beyond the conventional styles of clothing and instead, opt for something unconventional, will not only look stylish but even unique among the crowd. For example, in today’s era, you should definitely opt for an outfit having unconventional style such as asymmetric style, cowl style, bottom-cut style etc.

  1. Not giving attention to their shoes


One of the most important aspects that makes or breaks the first impression is the shoes one wears. You should always remember that we are in the modern world, having multiple choices in the shoes segment. Some of the most popular ones you’ll find in the market are:-

  1. Brogues: Brogues, which has been named after their decorative perforations (referred to as ‘Broguing’), are one of the most classic pair of shoes that every man must own. They have been traditionally meant to be worn for a formal event, but now, they have gained popularity for their smart-casual appeal as well.
  2. Chukka Boots: Chukka Boots, being a type of desert boots for the British soldiers in the Western Desert campaign of World War II, are now considered a great choice for the winter wardrobe. Although, they was inherently meant to be worn with a casual outfit, they can also be worn with smart casual and business casual outfits.
  3. Chelsea Boots: Chelsea Boots, which inherited its name from its popularity in Chelsea, an affluent and trendy area of London, are now been worn by people across the world. This fine-crafted footwear is very sturdy and could last longer than any other shoe type in the market.
  4. Loafers: Loafers, being one of the most timeless shoes when this comes to style and appeal, are a lace-less pair of shoes that you can slip on and still look smartly dressed. Also, these are perfect for a casual yet stylish look as well.
  5. Oxfords: Oxfords, being originated from Scotland and Ireland, are the finest and the most royal footwear a man can wear. Ideally, they are your best pick for formal wear, with black, brown and blue being the most opted colours by people.
  6. Monk Straps : Monk Straps, being timeless and stylish, have no lacing but typically have a buckle and strap. A single monk has a single strap and buckle, while a double monk has two straps and buckles. You could definitely wear these shoes for all your casual as well as formal occasions.

Whether you’re going for brogue, monk strap, loafers or any other type of shoes, you have to make sure that they complement well with your outfit as well as your overall look.

  1. Not exploring accessories to the fullest

Accessories, the most underrated outfit pieces, are well ignored by the masses. In today’s world, because of lack of knowledge, people resort to just the basic accessories (such as tie, belt and pocket square) to complete their overall look. There are a plenty of accessories in the market today, which people are not aware of.

One could always opt from a range of accessories such as tie, bow tie, belt, cummerbund, pocket square, suspenders, lapel pin, cufflinks, bracelet, pendant, pearl-layered kanthi mala, stole, turban, safa, kalangi, rings, brooch and recently added masks.

We hope you find this all relevant and thus, will surely benefit you all in understanding fashion from a broader point of view.

In case you have any suggestions/opinions/comments, you can share with us below.

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