5 Best Travel Destinations After Coronavirus Pandemic

5 Best Travel Destinations After Coronavirus Pandemic

Many travellers in the entire world were left sedentary because of the lockdown worldwide. Even several holiday plans were restricted due to travel ban. After the lock down the aviation industry is planning to open and thus giving permission for travelling internationally in few days. Most of the travellers in different cities were sad for their annual holiday ideas were abruptly interrupted for about three-month travel restrictions. Now the new of the aviation industry regarding opening up international travel has given some kind of hope in all of them. But the major question is: Where is it safe for travelling in this epidemic? While few of the countries have come up with special ‘travel bubbles’ and ‘corona corridors’ to provide access to visitors, others are trying for the traveller’s attention with eye-catching deals and offers.

In the present Covid-19 outbreak, it is very essential to postpone any travel plans even after pandemic has subsided. As the global tourism industry fights in the midst of this unexpected downturn, many countries across the world are planning for a boom in international travellers once travel is easier – for some countries, this could be their primary opportunity to sustain themselves as a noticeable regional force for tourism. While the specific countries are yet not considered as world-class destinations but the attractions including the historic ruins, perfect natural beauty, and captivating cultural experiences can be seen in plenty across the seven of these nations.


Dubai is the most visited tourist destination with many beautiful locations. But due to pandemic there are few restrictions where the tourists need to undergo PCR nasal swab test before flying to Dubai from their country. They also need to carry the test results along with their travel documents. Tourists who don’t show any COVID-19 symptoms then you will not be tested or placed under quarantine in Dubai. Children and the other people who fail to undergo quarantine they will be screened for COVID-19 by medics at Dubai airport.

The tourist attraction in Dubai include Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Global village Dubai, MIracel Garden Dubai, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Desert Safari, Dubai Malls, Dubai Fountain, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Madinat Jumeirah, Grand Mosque Dubai, Alserkal Avenue, Atlantis the Palm, Jumeirah Beach, Sky Dubai, Dubai Water Canal, Dubai Creek, Kite Beach, Skydiving in Dubai, Water Parks, Jumeirah Mosque, Al Bastakiya, Dubai Opera, Wild Wadi, Dubai Gold Souk, Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Dolphinarium, Bollywood Parks, Dubai Museum, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Legoland Dubai, Dubai Spice Souk, Etihad Museum, Mall of the Emirates, Dolphin Bay Dubai, Bungee Jumping, and many more places to visit in Dubai.


No quarantine

Being one of the world’s lowest impacted countries by the outbreak, it holds the major count of brownie points. The Georgian capital of Tbilisi is a perfect destination for its gastronomy, the culture, its diversity and fascinating architecture. Besides boutique hotels and the attracting guesthouses, the city also hosts a large array of tourist apartments which offers you a particular safety.

Often it is confused with the Peach State, the Georgia is well in the process to be one of the Caucasus region’s most ideal destinations. You can start your journey in the nation’s capital, Tbilisi – this delightful city is home to a cobblestone-laden Old Town integrated with ancient churches and restaurants along the Mtkvari River. While urban Georgia is outstanding, don’t forget to see the country’s natural beauty – the rolling pastures and peaceful small towns in the west, and make sure to taste the wine while you explore the places here. Georgia stands to be one of the oldest wine regions on globe, with the proof of a booming wine industry dating to around 6000 BCE.


Among the 54 nations that pile up Africa, one could make the debate that Ethiopia has the most captivating historic background – it was the second civilization on earth to seek Christianity, the only African nation to conquer a European power in battle and stand firm against colonialism during the Scramble for Africa, and it’s supposed that our earliest human ancestors initially came from this fertile area. Travelers to this ideal country will see a truly diverse scope of natural splendour – the western edges of Ethiopia are home to lush rainforest, which quickly gives way to the magnificent peaks of the Ethiopian Highlands as one ventures east. If the rich history and outstanding natural sites don’t push this nation to stardom, the national food surely will – the popular eating injera of Ethiopia is a cultural experience that all should take part for at least once in their lifetime.

Myanmar (Burma)

Prominent visitor destinations like Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, have already stood as Southeast Asia into a world-class destination for visitors but the region is still having some hidden gems, like  Myanmar, also known as Burma. The country is having most of Thailand’s charming attributes – ornate Buddhist temples, leftovers of olden civilizations, and busy cities – while the developing economy aids the budget-conscious visitors to discover without breaking the funds. The capital of Naypyidaw is a strategic city, prominent for its massive size and less people (this having thin traffic), while the previous capital Yangon stands as the home to Buddhist pagoda considers as the sacred place along with a wide array of English colonial constructions.

The Philippines

With an estimate of 7,500 islands, this huge archipelago has few things to offer for even the most particular kind of tourists. The northernmost island, Luzon, is home to Metro Manila, a highly massive metropolis containing 16 cities – the national capital of Manila and the country’s most crowded settlement, Quezon City, are two famous destinations for a deep involvement into mainstream Filipino culture. Those desiring to lounge on the sandy shores will head to Visayas, the country’s central archipelago, where island ends at Palawan and Boracay which offer the finest white sand beaches, along with countless opportunities to get some of the endemic animal and plant species in the Philippines.


Tunisia is thus striving to become the perfect destination for those desiring to experience the lively and ideal culture of North Africa. For many potential travellers, the nation’s extensive coastline helps as a major attraction – the northeastern Cap Bon peninsula is full with peaceful white sand beaches, with the hurried capital of Tunis that is nearby. For history fanatics, the fragments of Carthage, one of the richest cities to exist at the classical age, is an absolute thing to explore, while more daring adventurers can think of trekking to south for a tour of the Sahara Desert, the ideal destination for facing leftovers of historic Berber settlements.

The above are the best places to visit post COVID, but take care of yourself, while travelling avoid crowded places, take care by following all precautions to control the virus.

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