Can’t she even socialize?

Can’t she even socialize?

In the Era of Feminism, where she is taking over the fighter planes (MIG 21), Fighting for the permanent commission in the defense forces, ready to be on the front line for the war. Can’t she even socialize?

Yes, she is not safe on streets, not safe in public transports, not safe in parties. But once again Why she is not safe even behind the screen of her digital devices.

Where everyone is busy using Instagram, Facebook, tinder,  Whatsapp thinking its good to socialize and increase the social network. I warn “she is not safe behind the screens of her digital devices.”

Like yet another boy even she can talk with some random person.

She receives an Instagram DM “hey”. Being hesitant but excited from inside she didn’t respond. Few days passed and received the DM once again from the same user. She responded in a very gentle way unknowingly that this one reply would give her the anxiety and a lot of mental tension in just a few days.

The social media swag on the other side just tried very hard with the cheesy pickup lines, but none worked but he succeeded in building a repo. She had just casual conversation with him just 3-4 times and he started becoming very comfortable and started cracking the lame jokes.

Now it was the time for his devil mind to just reflect his true image. I tried flirting with her, just started using friendly adult words.

She was not comfortable. As usual, every girl does, She opposed him.

But but but. This was not yet another guy on the other. He just raised the question on the character of the girl, as every rapist does. He questioned the frank nature of her as every Hippocrates does, He just abused her as every coward does.

And similarly, every durga of the 21 century ready to fight on the borders just sits quite blocking those bastards.

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