Siya Daryani – A Journey Back to Self

Siya Daryani – A Journey Back to Self

The unexpected turn of events forced Siya Daryani to cancel her flight to India for an event that she has been looking forward to. An award she never expected or wished for, a recognition for all her achievements for the past years in the field of performing arts – a prestigious award awaits her in India, the country where she was born and raised.
She is also set to perform and dance with her teacher and mentor Sandip Soparkar in front of approximately 500 people. This performance is something that she has been dreaming and imagining for years.

Dance Choreography

Living Her Dream

It is hard not to notice Siya as she towers among her friends. With a physique and bearing like hers, one could easily conclude she is a model. Her love for fashion is evident in the way she dresses. Effortless yet chic for girls’ night out, colorful yet tasteful for a weekend in the beach, sexy yet classy for a romantic date with her husband.
Siya moved to the Philippines when she married Rahul. Her eyes twinkle when she talks about him. She describes him as a very kind, loving, down to earth, responsible and supportive husband . Their 10 year marriage is blessed with adorable twin boys. “My life”
as what she refers to her husband and kids.“This is the life that I have been praying for since I was a kid” Siya added.

The Search for Purpose

In the midst of it all, Siya started feeling dissatisfied. Something felt off. She felt lost. The more she resisted it, the more it persisted. It was overwhelming, it was taking a toll on her.
Call it perfect timing or should I say divine timing, she heard about a healer from India who was going to the Philippines for classes and healing sessions. She immediately booked a session. Little did she know that fateful one-hour session back in January 2018 would open a path she never thought possible. One question answered only to give birth to another batch of questions one of which is her purpose in life.

The Spiritual Path

The search for her purpose continues. There was no stopping her from finding that. She took one classes after another and met with few more healers and mentors in between.
In one of those classes, she was led back to her childhood passion and dream. A passion for dancing and a dream of having her own performing arts company.
Armed with renewed passion and sense of direction, she dove right in. She took one dance class after another from different teachers. Be it latin, jazz, ballroom, Bollywood or hip hop, there is nothing more spiritual than dancing as a form of expression for Siya Daryani.
The fulfillment and joy she experienced every time she danced birthed her desire to share her craft – with that desire One Two Step was founded.
Founded in 2018, One Two Step conducted four seasons led by internationally known and certified dancers and choreographers from India and Dubai teaching more than 100 students.
Due to the demand, its third season included a three-day workshop in Singapore back in  November 2018.
Siya discovered more about herself in these classes. In each season, she became a student, a dancer and a teacher all at the same time. Every season allowed her to master her craft as she played each role.
As a performing arts company and in between its seasons, OneTwoStep was hired to conceptualize, direct and choreograph 10 dances which comprised a “Sangeet”(Pre-wedding ceremony) Show in Abu Dhabi with over 90 participants from different parts of the globe. In addition, the company was also hired to choreograph the Kids Diwali dance, the first of its kind.
In addition, OneTwoStep has also emceed and choreographed a number of Bollywood themed parties. Being the Creative Director of One Two Step, this is where Siya’s creative mind went on full play mode . She was elated to see her ideas and visions came to life,


As her life continues to play in her mind, it finally dawned to her that the source of her dissatisfaction, the missing piece of the puzzle was her. While she was living the life of her dream being a wife and a mother, she lost herself in the process .
Her spiritual journey brought her back to her passion for dancing. This passion led her back to herself. One Two Step became a medium for her to continuously learn more about herself.
In a society where your life has been planned and dictated by traditions, Siya bravely took the road less traveled. As winding as the roads have been, she did not give up at every set
back thrown at her. Siya may have stopped for a while at drastic curves only to regain her momentum and would speed ahead.
Her spirituality taught her that the drastic detours and curves were necessary for her growth. Every curve presented her with an opportunity to discover outdated beliefs she did not know she has. Each curved had a lesson to learn and a blessing to uncover. It taught her that she has a choice in each detour. She could choose to let go of outdated beliefs and see where the road leads or not. It was all up to her. Siya’s vulnerability allowed her to navigate the unexpected twist and turns of her journey.
Her strength lies in being true to herself. She bravely surfed the waves, going with the flow instead of against it. She crashed several times and got back every single time bracing herself for another round. All of the lesson learned and blessings received one that stood out is she learned to love herself every step of the way.
Her success is not driven by the number of her students or number of her projects. Her success is driven by the joy she feels and the freedom to express her creativity. It is driven by every smile her students has during each class, driven by the reverberating laughter of the toddlers rolling on the floor. It is driven by life, by being alive and doing what she loves.


The movie in her mind finally ended. She was left with nothing but deep gratitude for where she is right now in her life. The spiritual path she took and continue to take did bend her but did not break her. She accepted the fact that she will not be able to receive her award and dance with her mentor. Life goes on. Siya’s purpose in life after all is to live life fully, to live a life by her own design, a life of her own making.


Two weeks after a Siya’s heartbreaking experience, she received a news that the event will be rescheduled due to the government’s mandate preventing large gathering. This could only mean one thing, Siya could still receive her award in person, deliver the speech she prepared and perform with her mentor.
Life indeed works in mysterious ways we know not of. It has its way of forcing us to pause to smell the roses. In Siya’s case, to smell the sweet scent of her success. A milestone in her life and career was delayed but her dreams are still coming true.

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