Relationship in Eye of Girl

Relationship in Eye of Girl

Hey! So what you call a bond with one another …Relationship?

Yeah! We call it a relationship in social, but I call it a bond, Sounds Much Stronger.! Isn’t it?

Here, somehow I tried to call for a Girl or Woman Bond, which is called a powerful energy on earth.

Roles in eye of girl

A Girl with Parent’s & Family

A bond of a Girl with parents is a very pure & demanding relationship, she is a Family Queen who has the power to rule & ruin! She is as indispensable as the gadgets.

You must know the bond if you had one…! Right?

So you are thinking I’m comparing a Girl with Gadget? Yes, it’s so funny thing, but it’s true to understand. We see a gadget turns older in front of us, and realize why it’s getting old, the same way a Girl in front of the parent’s eye turns from Kid to Girl into Woman in a very short duration.

I must say we all Girl’s soul always remain in bond with Parents, this bond could even can’t imagine.

 A Girl with Friends

Friendship is a true bond gifted to self apart from parents& family. I would believe a Girl in her friendship turns mature & what all she does for, take it very seriously, because that so I do!

You can make Fake friends very easily & quickly. The older you get you realize they are not even in your list now. Where they gone? They just became a lesson from the past for the future.

To maintain a long term relationship you must accept each other’s past, understand their worth in present & walk wherever in the future but a Call is enough to bring you on the same path.

I must say I had a true friend with great conflicts…! This made my Soul connect with them all forever!

 A Girl with Someone Special

It’s really complicated..!!!

Socially we call a Boy fails to understand a Girl, but I must Say a Narrow Man fails to understand a Wider Woman.

You must have to laugh on this, but it’s true to accept the fact that we girls are said to be as powerful as ‘Pagal’(Idiots) creature on this planet.

Yeah..! I accept this fact. We are! Because we are characterized by the excess power of Love, Romance, Care, Admire, Faith, Trust, Emotion, and Desire in all forms than anyone else can ever had.

We as a Girl see & try to feel the same character level as our Partner which is really idiotic turns you to the level of madness. Just see around yourself Girl… you are ’Woman’ now. Think to pick any one powerful characteristic among and turn everything thing around…Round YOU!!!

 A Girl is a Woman now.

A Woman? So yes, it very simple to say be a woman, but it’s when you play multiple roles within a sense of mind & carry along with emotion too. Like a food recipe, apply a good sense along emotion to taste it well. A Girl is said as Woman when she used to be a good keeper & Wiser among all kinds.

I must say, a Woman with all her sense able to use a perfect character, at perfect place create a healthy Bond of Relationship.

Yeah! “A Woman –Beauty with Brain” maintain a bond for Long-term and even Forever.

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