From a Corporate Career To Becoming A Entrepreneur – The Journey Of Shobhaa Arya

From a Corporate Career To Becoming A Entrepreneur – The Journey Of Shobhaa Arya

A young and dynamic lady, a powerhouse of talent, multi-talented and power-packed lady ..
She is strong and a successful entrepreneur with her 30 years of life experience in various corporates. She now is a proud owner and founder of her well-established brand known as WOW EVENTS N LIFESTYLE ..She runs her monthly health n wellness magazine called WOW under BE publications. She is a strong spiritual catalyst.

From a corporate career to become an entrepreneur

Shobhaa Arya is a channel who has brought about life transformation to many souls. She is a Reiki Master, Pranic Healer Nlp practitioner, and has the vision to see things before they happen.

That’s me, Shobhaa Arya

This is ME…

I may be the ‘saree’ kind or the ‘skirt’ kind

But I wear my heart on my sleeve

I may be the ‘homemaker’ type or the ‘breadwinner’ type

But I ‘labor’ through my day and night

I may be the ‘yes to all’ sort or the ‘no to all’ sort

But I end up doing everything that needs to get done

I may be the ‘Calvin Klein’ shopper or the ‘Nirali’ shopper

But there are people I value higher than my purchases

I may be the ‘Masterchef’ breed or the ‘dial-a-pizza’ breed

But I believe that good thoughts provide true nourishment

I may be the ‘fair skin’ make or the ‘wheatish complexion’ make

But my ethics are much beyond than skin-deep

Don’t judge me..don’t jacket me…

I am a little girl each time I cry myself to sleep…

I am a daughter each time I move away from my parents…

I am a sister each time I provide much-needed advice…

I am a wife each time I save the last bite of the chocolate…

I am a mother each time I clean up the mess that someone else creates…

But you will need the woman in me..
In every smile and every mile…
In every tear and every cheer…!!!

I celebrate my journey every day as I m a strong woman of substance and a wow one-woman army.

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