From A Corporate Career To Successful Entrepreneur – The Journey Of Ekeeda Founder Mahesh Wagh

From A Corporate Career To Successful Entrepreneur – The Journey Of Ekeeda Founder Mahesh Wagh

This young and dynamic gentleman is power-packed with innovative ideas for imparting quality education for students. He is a successful entrepreneur with over 12+ years of experience in coaching and designing technical courses for students. Today, he is a proud owner and founder of Ekeeda – India’s leading education portal with 2500+ online engineering courses and 25,000 high quality video lectures for users. The platform now has 67 million+ YouTube views and 5 lakh+ regular viewers.

He started working with TCS in 2009 and also did coaching for engineering mathematics. Later in 2011 he resigned from TCS and opted for full time coaching at Infomatica. He often visited as a guest lecturer in prestigious universities in Maharashtra. During his coaching days, he realised despite his commendable efforts, it wasn’t enough on his part of imparting education to a global crowd which led him to start He has a B.E. degree with specialise in IT from Vasantdada Patil College of Engineering, Mumbai.

The thought of start-up was always on his mind while coaching at Infomatica and he wanted to create an online learning platform for students. Also, being a middle-class boy with no business background, he had a keen interest to do something of his own and devoted his time to digital learning and explored Ekeeda.

In just 5 years, Ekeeda has covered a good distance to become one of the leading education portals of India. He is helping students and companies to bridge the gap between quality studies and resources. He is a strong educational catalyst. Here are some Q & As about Mahesh’s Inspirational Journey:

How Did You Get The Idea For Ekeeda?

Way back in 2015, when I visited as a guest lecturer for engineering mathematics at an Engineering College at a village in Sangli, students approached me for requirement of a mechanical faculty. They said, “Sir we want a professor from Mumbai who can teach us and we are ready to pay 1,000 for it”.  It was simply impossible for me to arrange the faculty at this nominal cost but out of my curiosity I asked one of the student to enquire the matter. He said, “We don’t have a faculty for few subjects of final year diploma”. So, I asked then how do you manage to give practical that is very important for engineering students? For which he replied, “We receive the last year files of passed-out students to copy it and submit the practical”. For a minute I was shocked and the concern kept revolving in my mind.

After returning home I did a bit of research and found out that engineering admission is at a staggering low. Students were not getting the desired placements and lost their keen interest in engineering. In 3500+ engineering colleges in India with an admission capacity of 16 lakhs per year for B.E only 15-20% we are able to secure the job. The ratio of unemployment was too high and there was a need to bridge up the gap.

1) How To Bridge Up This Gap?

Students who pass engineering will definitely approach for a job, but corporate firms complain of not getting quality resources. It means there is a gap between these entities. One of the best ways to mitigate the gap is to make student employable by improving his or her skills and knowledge, making them viable from company’s point of view.

2) How To Make Student Employable?

There are three important aspects to consider:

  • Academic Skills

Once the students complete their academic studies they might apply for a job wherein they would be asked questions based on their curriculum in campus interview. If they opt for higher education like GATE they are asked questions based on curriculum. If they’re planning to fly abroad, that particular university will select the student with excellent academic record. If a student goes for IIM, wishes to crack CAT exam or CET for MBA then again his or her academic skills are considered in the interview process. Thus, we need to work on the academics of the student.

  • Technical Skills

Today, companies look for the technical skills of students such as proficiency in certain tools or software used by the industry. Students need to have good command on technical knowledge and there are over 100+ innovative technical courses in different branches like Civil, Mechanical, IT, etc. For instance, in today’s time computer related courses are based on AI module, Machine Learning concept and Python Language. There is a need to build good technical skills of the students.

  • Soft Skills

Many students get rejected due to their communication and aptitude skills. Yes! Grooming etiquettes are required. Candidate should be able to negotiate with the employer for a good salary package. Presentation skills are required as well while presenting their resume, project or publication. May be these are unseen skills but they contribute immensely for a holistic development of students.

With a vision to make students employable by working on these three aspects I decided to come up with Ekeeda – Your One Stop Career Solution. We produce best of the online courses and videos from expert faculty for engineering.

Difference between Regular Students and Ekeeda Student

A regular student who passes out engineering will be an ordinary graduate; however, an Ekeeda student will be equipped with academic & technical knowledge and also perfectly skilled to be employable. These courses will bring the best of the students and push them to achieve more and more. An Ekeeda student will always gain an edge over the competition.

2) Goodbye to TCS & Good Luck For Ekeeda! How did the Family Respond?

I joined TCS in 2009 and simultaneously, I would teach students for engineering mathematics. Since, I felt there is a need for better coaching I decided to resign TCS in 2011 and joined the coaching industry for full time. While coaching I realised there can be a better ways to deliver lecturers to students, especially for the ones who stay in far flung and rural areas, those who come from low income family group and thus, came up with an idea of I decided to switch my job of coaching and be a complete entrepreneur. Initially, my family was hesitant about my decision, and insisted to pursue my entrepreneurship goal along with the job. They were tensed on things like why he picked entrepreneurship over a secured job like TCS? What happens if he fails? How will he fund the business? etc. But, I took a bold step and went against them to prove that Ekeeda is the dream goal of my life

3) How It Will Help The Young Engineers?

Students who opt for Ekeeda package will be the best in the academics as the teachers or partners we hire are handpicked from the markets. Before taking any faculty on board, we do demo and select them through a certain procedure. Our faculties are highly experienced and have thought many batches for various subjects with excellent track record of results. Thus, any student joining Ekeeda can be rest assured that his or her knowledge & skills are bound to improve. For technical courses, students are given a project to complete based on which they’re certified from Ekeeda. There are faculty who will interact with students, monitor their progress and ensure learning new technology. Ekeeda student will complete the project with the right knowledge which industry pioneers are on the hunt for – in any employee.

4) Engineering Success with Ekeeda

Students develop academic, technical and unseen skills with Ekeeda. In curriculum courses, there are quiz and mock tests for students to know how much they’re able to learn from a particular topic. We prepare for engineering exams in excellent manner compared to self-preparation at home.

5) Where Did You Get Inspiration From?

When I was planning to start portal for higher education I heard about BYJUs. I wondered if BYJUs can come up with online courses to make learning fun and easy for school students, why can’t we do this for higher education students. Initially, I started off with engineering and aim to spread the wings in other streams like science, commerce, etc. Yes! BYJUs gave me the inspiration to turn my dream goal into reality.

6) What Is Your Biggest Goal In Next Couple Of Months?

We aim to complete the content and embed new technologies in Ekeeda packages making it more attractive for students. Our initial goal is to sell at least 10,000 packages or rather say, “Accelerate the career of 10,000 students each month”. Our long term vision is to acquire 30% stake in the entire market of around 1.5 to 2 crore students on various platforms like Engineering, Commerce, Science, etc.

Coming from a humble family background, Mahesh always made his father proud by banking scholarships and ranking first in class. Commissioner of Police would pay the fees for this bright son of Maharahstra police servant. After working with TCS for two years, Mahesh opted for full time coaching in Infomatica for almost four years. Since 2015 he is a successful entrepreneur and rigorously works hard to accelerate the career of young aspirants with Ekeeda – Google of Engineering!

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