From Strangers To Soulmates-A Heart Touching Facebook Love Story!!

From Strangers To Soulmates-A Heart Touching Facebook Love Story!!

Beautiful Love Story of Shubham & Kittu

Eight years ago, I got in touch with a girl through Facebook who is now my fiance, Kittu!  Thank god that I had not uploaded my Profile picture at that time and she mistook me for her distant cousin! We started talking thereafter, but I made sure that I clear her misconception and told her that I was not her brother but we could still continue to be friends. We started talking gradually and exchanged numbers too. Life was different back then, as we dint had video calling neither WhatsApp. Even phone calls were a rare thing for us, as we both were students and broke! And to top it up we couldn’t meet as well, because we both lived in different districts. The only respite for us was SMS and that’s how we cemented our friendship! My conversation usually revolved around the girl I liked back then, and I used to take tips from Kittu (fb) to impress her.  And days became months, and we still had a lot of content to talk about!

But one day, I stopped receiving her texts and that was the turning point of my life. It is rightly said that “You only miss the sun when it starts to snow, and you only know you love her when you let her go! ” For 2 months I did not hear anything from her and I was worried! It was during these months that I realized that I was missing her and I could not live without her!  I started dying in self-pity!

Suddenly one fine morning, I woke up to a beautiful message, and it was from HER! My heart skipped a beat at that very moment. She explained to me, about how she had lost her phone and we started talking again, but now I was looking for an opportunity to confess my feelings. It was a nerve-wracking time, my mind was filled with so many questions like, whether I would ruin our friendship by confessing it!   It took me nearly 1 year to gather courage for the proposal, and when I did, she did not take it seriously. But I was crazy in love, so much that I even traveled 100kms to just catch a glimpse of her. And finally, on 2nd September 2014, she accepted my proposal and we were officially dating.

                   “I look at her and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.“

That’s how our love story pulled off, soon it was time for me to join my college, which was in Jaipur and there came a time that we had to work through 4 years of separation. I dint cry because we were separated by distance for a matter of years, because “as long as we shared the same sky and breathed the same air, we were still together”.Before leaving my hometown, we met for the first time, and the experience was thrilling! We used to meet only once every year, and still, our love for each other never lessened. As a matter of fact, in our eight-year-long relationship, we have just met 9 times! During my years at Jaipur, We were physically apart but she always remained in my heart. And she became an integral part of my life!

Once during my vacation, I went to Chamba (my hometown) and got a call from her. Kittu said that her dad wanted to meet me at 10, on the same day! I didn’t believe her and took it for a prank. But in the next 5 minutes I got a confirmation from her father for the meeting. And I was simply shocked but decided to meet! When I reached her place, uncle inquired about my life, family and then came straight to the question ” What do you want ? ” And I said that I wanted to marry your daughter. And there was pin-drop silence ( in my heart I was expecting a slap for that audacious answer)! But he called up my family and said that ” Our Kids are in love and I will get them married “. That was the happiest moment for both of us, which perhaps cannot be explained in words. The acceptance from my father-in-law is still one of the biggest achievements and blessings in my life.

Everything was going good between us until one-day tragedy struck us,and kittu’s father passed away.  She was devastated and heartbroken because of the loss and She asked me not to talk to her and to forget about marrying her. Kittu did all that under the pressure from her relatives who wanted to marry her off to someone else.. I was not aware of this problem and was shattered as I could not force her to love me. But it was evident that she was also not happy without me.. But gratefully our mothers intervened seeing our pain, sorted the matter out, and decided to fulfill her father’s last wish((which was to get her married to me) .

My happiness knew no limits and Kittu was mine once again. We started talking like the old days and there was Nothing to be scared of now.

But that one obstacle -“relatives “, Played the part of the villain in our rosy life. I was bombarded with threatening calls from her relatives who would often ask me to forget kittu or face dire consequences. Soon I realized that the only way to shut everyone’s mouth was to get engaged to her.

Finally after facing many difficulties and opposition from her relatives we finally got engaged on 21st September 2018. She is my fiance now,& we are the happiest couple on the planet!! 🙂 I look forward to spending every moment of my life with kittu! My story is a reminder to all the Millenials who think that long-distance relationships don’t workout!! What worked for us, is the love for each other and that is all that matters!! Tabhi toh kehte hae ” Agar pyaar sacha ho toh puri kayanat usse millane mein lagg jaati hae ” 

So folks,the Highlight of story is that we are getting married in 2021 !! 

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