Heart Touching Love Story of Carlos & Ibanez That’ll Leave You Teary Eyed

Heart Touching Love Story of Carlos & Ibanez That’ll Leave You Teary Eyed

Emotional Love Story!!

I was so happy, that finally, I will say yes. Drew is courting me, and I must admit, I feel so happy whenever I’m with him. There is no safer place for me until I was in his arms.

I love to stay outside the house with my Boyfriend, where we can feel the cold breeze in our little curtilage.

One silent night, we walked around. Side by side, holding each other’s arms. We talked under the moonlight.

Sitting beside him was my favorite place. As he began to unlock the untold chapter of his life stories.

I mutely listened attentively. My eyes were focused on every move of his lips as he utters every sweet word.

It was so overwhelming. My heart captured every emotion. I have made a collection of his thoughts.

I like the way he told me those battles he fought and the interesting denouement. I was surprised on how he conquered those fights.

Emotional Love Story

I wonder how he made it. I love the way we laughed in every embarrassing and silly decision he had failed. How i wish this wonderful night will never end.

I would choose to stay with him forever.

It’s like he opens a book and read it until I fancied a smooth pillow on my head.

I fall asleep in his shoulder. Wrapped me in his arms, he carried me into my room. These were just some of my unforgettable moments with my Boyfriend, who had been one of my favorite companions, my best lovers, my first Doctor, excellent Partner, encourager, my inspiration.

Lots of diverse and extraordinary things I owed from him. I always love to reminisce about those awesome things.

I love him. And I’m planning to say yes to his birthday tomorrow! I am so excited.

That’s my birthday gift, baby.

I was getting ready to go to his birthday party when I got a text from his mother. I feel comfortable with his mother too. She’s like, the second mother.

I didn’t waste time on thinking about how caring she was to me. Like hell, she really was haha.

She asked me to wear a white dress. But why? I remembered that Drew’s’ favorite color was grey. But I changed

I was going to his birthday nervously, but damn! I was so excited to say yes! He’s been courting me 2 years and I guess he will be so happy.

When I reached their house I can’t help but feel curious. Why everyone does wear white? Like hell. But i didn’t bother to pay attention to it. I quickly find her mother.

Her eyes look sad and you can tell that she’s in pain. I don’t know what’s happening!! I quickly hugged her and she started to cry.

And she then spoke, “my sweetie let me lead you to Drew”.

She said she was okay. But I don’t understand so I quickly agreed. She was leading me to a carpet, and my heart starts to beat so fast…

When she had led me to a coffin. My eyes started to cry, it hurts so damn much! Seeing him laying in there!

Now i know, Drew’s’ been suffering from lung cancer. And he cannot make it. I feel bad.. so damn bad. IT HURTS SO DAMN BAD!.

I was down dreams were wherein thin I feel I lost and where do I begin. I was planning to say yes, baby.. i cried and his mother comfort me.

Then her mom handed me a paper. She said Drew had written it. I was reading it, filled with tears..

“Baby, I’m sorry I left you when I promise you i won’t. I love you baby, I am suffering from lung cancer, stage 3.

I tried to fight for you baby, but the doctor said it was already damaged that i still have 3 days. I was planning to tell you but, i don’t want you to worry.

“”I wish for your happiness baby. I know you love me too:) Be with someone who wouldn’t hurt you, okay? I love you baby..”

“Since he passed away it is somehow painful but those memories made me alive again because I always see his selfless smile through the night as he always wore in his bright face.

“I could still feel his overflowing love burning inside of me. I would love to stay there for a while, staring the millions of beautiful stars above. I would enjoy the warmth of the moonlight outside when the night comes.

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