How A Brief Meeting of Deepak & Paridhi Turned Into A Cute Love Story!

How A Brief Meeting of Deepak & Paridhi Turned Into A Cute Love Story!

Cute Love Story of Deepak & Paridhi

I never thought of that this would happen to me. As I always thought its only a wastage of time. Once I went to attend a marriage of one of my relatives, I saw a girl over there, she had very beautiful eyes, smile and my eyes were continuously starring her, but the girl has not paid any attention towards me.

When I Saw You, I believe in Love At First Sight….

So at that moment, I ignored rush away from there. But her beautiful smile coming in my mind again and again. I wanted more information about her, so I asked one of my relatives about her name.

After lots of effort, I got her name and started looking at her on social networking site and I found her on Facebook, I sent her friend request. Initially, she didn’t respond to me and after few days she accepted my request at that moment, I Was On the 9th cloud that she had accepted my request and I found a way to reach her which I was waiting eagerly from the day I saw her.

I messaged her and told her that I want to be your friend and she said “Yes”.

Cute Love Story

We had started chat daily and for long hours. Gradually I started feeling something about her and I wanted to share my feelings with her but I was scared to tell her because I didn’t want to lose her but I wanted to confess my feelings that I love you and want to spend my whole life with you and I did the same and she agreed. It was a great feeling when she accepted my proposal and together we decided to meet once to know more about each other. We both met many times and we developed a strong love bond

Now it had been 1 year we were in a relationship now it’s a time to give some name to our relationship. So we decided to discuss our relations with our family.

We both tried but her family was not convinced as they were looking for a well-educated boy for her and so I tried to be her level and completed my education. One day she asked me to come and meet my parents along with your family. But this was also challenging for me, still, their family did not agree with our relation.

I lost my hope I will never get my love and I requested her to convince her parents and after a few months, her parents got agreed.

Finally, we tied our love and got married on 29th Jan 2019. We are living a happy married life and enjoying each other’s company and I feel so proud that I chose her as my life partner who is much more like me.

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