How to Create Tik Tok Style Short Videos on Instagram Reels

How to Create Tik Tok Style Short Videos on Instagram Reels

We all loved Tik Tok, but now that it is not with us, we are looking for options that help us create Tik Tok style short videos. If you have been a die-hard IG fan, you would know have seen a new popped up option called “Reels” on the story options. Honestly, Reels has been launched by Facebook and the company has been testing the same in many countries like France, Germany and France. The feature has finally available for Indians as well.

Facebook hit the nail while it was hot. The Government of India has just banned Tik Tok and the Indian Tik Tok fans were hunting for a similar kind of a video facility to satiate their video hunger. Reels is not really an app, but it is a new and innovative integration in the IG story options. Keeping reading and know how to create Tik Tok like videos on Instagram Reels.

The moment Tik Tok was banned in India, other apps such as Mitron, Roposo, Chingari and so on are gaining wide popularity. This is the perfect time when Facebook can bring those 200 million users on the Reels.

How Instagram Reels works?

Creating Instagram Reels

  • The Reels feature is already available on IG and if you cannot see the option on your IG story screen, you need to update your IG app from your respective app store.
  • Once you have updated your app, you should go to the story options and open the Instagram Camera.
  • You will see the Reels option at the left-hand side of your screen.
  • Click on Reels and there is an option to select audio from the Instagram Music Library. Luckily, Facebook has partnered with premium music brands and you have a wide collection of songs and music to choose from.
  • Like Tik Tok, Reels also let the user record the original sound along with lip-syncing.
  • Features like speeding up the video, timer, and other AR effects are present on Reels to attract the users and to offer them Tik Tok like feeling.
  • Once the Reels video is created, the user has the option to either story it, add to the feed or share it either with selected followers or everyone on Instagram.

The users who have public accounts on Instagram can add the Reels video to Explore. While doing this, the user will have a better chance to make the video visible to a wide base of audience and IG Community. The private accounts users however, can only share the Reels video on their feed, or story or they can separately DM to their followers.

Reels call for an exciting feature for Tik Tok fans in India. As, it is an integrated feature to one of the most popular social media platforms, there is no need for any user to download a separate app. The sharing of the Reels video is also quite easy and convenient. As Facebook has hit the video market of India at the right time, we wish that there is a long way ahead for Reels.

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