How Pet Shipping Works? Everything you need to know

How Pet Shipping Works? Everything you need to know

When you plan a trip and think of taking your pet along, there is not just one thing you need to take care of, but many! It is always difficult to manage everything alone, and it never hurts to get help as an upper hand. Various shipping services provide a service to ship a pet from your place to the destination.

Just like any other process, you need to follow a method for shipping a pet too. Here is a small brief was given in steps that you must follow when deciding to hire a pet shipping service;

Step 1: Choose an appropriate shipping service.

Pet Shipping services have made an entire market with several companies competing with each other in various regions. You must choose a perfect company for entrusting your pet with. You must look at the shipping records and compare them with others and compare the quotations and services promised by the company to provide you and, after considering all the factors, must make the right decision. You must understand that you are about to hand over your precious pet in their custody, and its safety and security is your responsibility.

You must also be aware of fraud while making a choice. There have been several cases where the company promises to deliver the services and yet never shows up after getting the charges you are ought to pay. To ensure that you choose a genuine organization, you must look into the providers deeply and be assured that you are making a perfect choice.

Step 2: Make the registrations.

Once you are sure about the company you are planning to hire for shipping your pet it is very important that you file for booking as soon as possible. You must always make the bookings about 5-6 days before the day of departure. The cache time is essential because if you are unable to book a slot with one company, you may go with other options and not run out of time. If you are already running short of time, you must ask for the emergency shipments. It might cost you more, but you may easily get a prime slot in this. Most shipping services keep some reserved seats for such emergency cases.

Step 3: Get confirmation.

Once you file a request for the booking, you must always ask about the status of your claim because you need to get the surety if the shipment to the destination is possible or not. Although most companies are capable of providing the essential service for all the locations, there are many locations where a specific organization is not serviceable. You do not want to take your chances of last-minute declination and hence, always keep the updates.

Step 4: Documentations.

Few formalities are required to be done before leaving for the journey. Many documents are required for submission at the airlines, at the destination, or while crossing the borders. Although many companies provide a service where they take care of all the documentation for you, for others, you might have to offer them all by yourself. Airlines require two copies of each document like; vaccination certificate, health certificate approved by the vet, or a travel permit in the name of your pet. If you are responsible for these, you must start compiling the documents as soon as you plan on making a move.

Step 5: IDs and Microchips.

Shipping Services take extra care while making the shipment that each pet must have a collar ID tag and a microchip implanted in them, but you do not want to take any sort of risks. It is a healthy practice that you never let your pet out without the ID collars and microchip because these are low-cost tracking devices. You may easily find them with the help of these two, in case you lose it. Trusting your pet with the shipping service might seem very vulnerable to you if you are hiring them for the first time, installing IDs and Microchips yourself may provide peace of mind for your sense of security too.

Step 6: Kennel and Leash.

If the shippers are responsible for providing the kennels on their own, then you do not have to worry because they follow IATA guidelines to choose the perfect kennel for your pet. If you are responsible for providing the kennel, then you must always select the ideal sized kennel for your pet and make sure that you put a leash inside the kennel, as it will help the transporters to manage while handling your pet.

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