How this NGO is working to make learning fun for children

How this NGO is working to make learning fun for children

An organization started in the year 2011 with an approach that was not seen adapted by any NGO before. The approach of Versatile Social Work. An NGO started in the year 2011, registered under the Charity Commissioner, Worli, Mumbai named CARE FOUNDATION was started to reform the education outside schools with recreation and talent growth. CARE that stands for Cultural Association for Recreation and Education started with teaching local kids in parent-friendly fees.

But later the Chairman Mr.Aniket Ghanshyam Bhankal came up with a thought that “Changes are to be brought and not just thought”. This thought needed fee is an important factor to make it a successful thought. After a tenure of thought process CARE FOUNDATION under the leadership of Mr.Aniket Bhankal in the year, 2012 came up with the approach of Versatile Social Work.

This approach was based on the point that normally the run process of an NGO is focused on a single line of action or a single aim approach, but changes are needed in many sections and thoughts of the society. So there is a need to focus on several issues at a time. From that moment emphasis was on getting youth involved with their thoughts, their views for changes to be seen in society. This was because The Care committee considered Youth with a change bringing power approach.

The term YOUNG was then elaborated as “Youth Organised Unitedly for Nation’s Growth”. With this came up a few ideas on which CARE started working, mostly focused on awareness and boosting self-development and self-dependency among the residents coming across. The first Initiative itself determines the effect in the form of a unique Initiative that was undertaken in the year 2012 under the CARE FOUNDATION; The National Flag Pride Rally.

This rally was aimed at creating awareness among the residents of Khar and Bandra, Mumbai that the National Flag is our pride and we must preserve it. This really got a good response as it collected mere 50 flags and tricolor accessories on 15th August 2016 as compared to near about 1000 flags and tricolor accessories on 15th August 2012. This Initiative was proudly appreciated by Radio City 91.1FM with an interview with Mr. Aniket and the kids’ Volunteers who were part of this rally.

From then onwards CARE has initiated a few unique and thought to change initiatives including Competition to change the thought process of talented kids and youth. CARE also initiated a project named DIGI WOMANIA, which aimed at training women into digital use of mobile phones, online selling, online transaction, use of social media, and a lot more. Further CARE came up with a concept where it was stated that A woman strong legally and digitally can empower herself. Such a woman won’t be dependent, as she can find ways, connect to people, gain knowledge as well as utilities it in the right direction. CARE FOUNDATION’s efforts were highly recognized and appreciated by local newspapers and YouTube news channels as well as few known newspapers.

Further CARE came up with motivating youth to stand for their parents who in course of their responsibilities towards their kids left our talents. They mentored their kids’ whole life, then why can’t now the same grown-up kids mentor their parents to fulfill their talent dreams at least a single time. For this idea CARE organized AABAA which means AAI – BAAP which got a good response and was again interviewed by Radio City 91.1 FM in the year 2017. CARE also came up with two short films that inspire youth and change their thoughts process too. Further CARE continues their Digi woman seminars, legal seminars for women, and just led a journey of change.

Change not on a level to attract fame but yes journey to attract change in minds of many who came across Care’s Initiatives. Today in this lockdown when all are trying a way out to support and help others CARE in their small limits has started bridging the gap between the needy and the source of needs. Whether be it need of food or need of awareness, CARE FOUNDATION is trying to connect the needy with the source of fulfilling needs.

Also CARE running an Initiative named FUN From Home which means Fight Unitedly for Nation From Home. Under this CARE is motivating people to utilize lockdown positively and not get stressed or panicked. They are channelizing various programs under this through social media channels and motivating people to utilize their talents to spread hope and happiness among others. Also CARE trying to collaborate with others who can provide motivation and help people regain enthusiasm is this lockdown period. CARE Initiative FUN is supported by a few well-known artists like Mr. Vaibhav Ghuge (Dance Choreographer) , Mr. Sanish Nair (Singer) , Mr. Armaann Tahil (Actor- Model) , Mukesh Jadhav (Director) and few more. CARE believes in work for change rather than work for fame and further they believe that Fame with good work lasts longer. They now follow JOSH – JOY OF SPREADING HOPE, where HOPE stands for Happiness, Opportunities, Purpose, Encouragement.

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