Inspiring Story of Life-Changing Teacher Who Really Made A Difference

Inspiring Story of Life-Changing Teacher Who Really Made A Difference

Inspiring Story of Aman That Prove Teachers Actually Rock

Hello everyone,

I am Aman Karodiya founder and director of A New Revolution Coaching Institute. We are working in the field of conceptual education from the past 3 years.

It all started after I saw students getting degraded due to the high expectations of parents as well as the teachers. May be it’s a fault of our education system that we are result-oriented and no one cares about the process. I met students who scored 90 or 95 percent marks in their board exams but fails to crack IIT, CA, or CS examinations. I started studying their minds and figured out that they study only for the exams, they don’t care about the process but the thing they cared was all about the output that is the Results.

At first, I started this institution with a team of 4 people and a small place with 6 benches for students to teach.

I still remember I was walking down to the ground floor and I got my colleague saying we wanted to start an institution and I said I too was thinking of the same. We sat that night and discussed everything and the manhunt began for the proper resources and within 10 days we had our institution running.

It was a wonderful journey from 6 benches in total to more than 10 benches per room.

We faced trouble in finding teachers of the same thought process because we required passionate teachers who also had the same thought on this conceptual education idea.

At present we have turned many students who felt themselves rejected by the education system, just because of their failures to one of the best in their class just by giving them a right idea of why they should study and how they should study.

Most Inspiring Teacher

I always tell students, for learning and understand a topic you must ask yourselves the three questions: what, why, and how?

Education is very easy but all you got to do is to be directed on the right path so as to succeed, not only in education or examination but in your life too.

We started A New Revolution Institute with a concept of helping students with their studies in more creative ways!! Yes, it is true that your child will be known by teachers. Due to the strong bond on teacher-student relationships, you can be secure in knowing that teachers are aware of your child’s strengths and limitations.

“The purpose of right education is to replace an empty mind with an open one”


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