It’s her CHOICE

It’s her CHOICE

“No one gives you the fucking right to slap a girl, it’s her choice if she wants to date 5 boys at the same time.” The controversial statement by NehaDhupia Judge of an Indian television reality show “Roadies”.

As per NehaDhupiya, a men cannot expect the loyalty from his partner. The relationship totally depends on the girl whether she wants to be with his partner on not. She also stated she can be with 5 men at the same time. And if she is with 5 men along with her partner it is also the fault of her partner, as he is not able to keep her girl happy in various aspects as emotionally, physically, mentally etc. as per Neha.

A dialog by Vicky Kaushal in movie URI, “Farz or farzi me bhootchotasaantarhotahai.” Simillarly, there’s a very fine line between the feminism and fake or pseudo feminism.

What a girl wants from her partner is loyalty in relationship. He should be honest to her, Should share everything with her partner. But if she is caught not following the rules made by her, it’s her choice.

A men who has 5 girl friends at the same time is cheater, playboy, but a girl having 5 boyfriends will be reinforced as “it’s her choice”. And if it’s her choice let it be his choice as well to cheat you at the same time and don’t make the dramas and gain the sympathy.

Ignoring the above statement it’s the trust, loyalty, love and time are the four pillars of the building of your relationship. And if you are destroying the pillars of your relationship and expecting the relationship to touch the sky. It will definitely be destroyed and no choices will work at that moment.

As per the Supreme Court the 10%* of the dowry cases filed are false, out of 100 domestic violence and abuse cases 23* are false, this is because of the false feminism statement made by the celebrities whom our youths follow orthodoxly. It’s not her choice, it’s your (fake-feminist) choice which makes it her choice.

Be feminist to fight on borders, be feminist to fly fighter jets, be feminist to rule the country, not to date 5 men at the same time.

Girls don’t get influenced by the fake feminists. Be wise and take your decisions wisely.

*The data presented in article are gathered from open source.

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