Be Aware of Silly Interview Mistakes

Be Aware of Silly Interview Mistakes

Applying for a job at any place and then getting an interview call is a pleasant experience. The interview is when you have an opportunity to convince the employer with your best speaking skills. However, there are some silly mistakes that you could make, that may jeopardize your chances of getting a good job in Jaipur.

Please take a look at the seven common silly interview mistakes made by people and make sure that you don’t make them.

Don’t Show Up Late:

Arrive thirty minutes before the interview as it will also give you time to relax and keep you from tumbling in late for the interview. Getting late for the interview will leave a wrong impression on the employer, and he would not think of you as a potential employee. So, leave earlier for the interview so that even in case of difficulties on the way, you will reach before time. If you don’t know the direction of the interview location, then find it and visit it one day before to avoid any mishap on the interview date.

Don’t Call Him With A Wrong Name:

Make sure that before the interview, you know what the interviewer’s name is. Even if it is not mentioned before the interview, memorize it on entering the room. Don’t make the mistake of calling the interviewer with the wrong name, but if you do, apologize sincerely and then move on.

Think Before You Speak:

Do not give abrupt answers and replies to the interviewer. It’s okay to think for a while and then answer. This will show that you are a person who thinks before speaking.

Don’t Be Speechless:

It happens many times that candidates freeze up and become speechless during the interview. For this reason, you must practice with the help of mock interviews or ask your friends to interview you in different manners. This will help you prepare for the interview.

Prepare your Internal Body System:

Take care of what and when you eat and drink before the interview so that you don’t have distracting noises of a growling stomach in a quiet room or a burp during the interview. These, of course, will leave a wrong impression on the interviewer.

Talk calculated:

You need to list down your accomplishments and achievements before the interview so that you can tell the interviewer about them on asking. An interview is where the interviewer wants to know about you, so do not be too modest.

Maintain A Positive Attitude:

Be positive, confident, and happy about the interview. Do not go in the interview with a very nervous, slouchy, and boring face. Lighten up your face and relax and sit back on the chair. If possible, share a joke with the co-applicants to enjoy a good laugh before the interview.

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