Top 6 Social Media Event Marketing Trends To Rely On In 2020

Top 6 Social Media Event Marketing Trends To Rely On In 2020

The outbreak of Covid-19 all across the globe has changed the definition of life. Social distancing is a new vogue. Everything including restaurants, bars, theatres are closed.

So, how the world is staying connected? The answer to this is- Social Media. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter all these platforms are taking control over people’s lives. And it is so great to see everyone sticking together in this disastrous situation.

One of the greatest marks that this pandemic has shown is on- Events Industry. Due to lockdown, thousands of events have been got canceled to avoid mass gatherings. Marketers have got affected, and now is the time when they need to think about what they want to do with their businesses. The economy will take a few years to get back into shape, therefore, marketers need to re-think their choices which they have made in the past.

What we are trying to say here is businesses need to focus more on social media to boost virtual events. If you are planning to host an event, here is a list of 6 top social media event marketing trends that will help you shape your brand post-COVID-19 situation.

6 Social Media Event Marketing Trends To Follow In 2020

#1 Create a Trustable Bond

Trust is the most utmost criterion on which the success of a virtual event is based. People can’t trust a faceless brand. So, you should have a face for your brand to create a human connection with the audience so that you become trustworthy for them. Just don’t rely on social media for promotions, branding, earning business, or increase your guest list; but rather than that you need to share relevant information and insights of your event.

And for that, you can do several things like; Providing the audience an insight into the speaker’s professional experiences. Also, you can share pictures and videos from the behind-the-scenes of your event.

Make sure there’s always a humanly touch in your event to build trust amongst your attendees. For that, you can always include personal accounts of your team members.

#2 Nano and Micro-Influencers To Target Niche Audience

In the current social media world, influencers are dominating the marketing trend as they are more relatable to audiences. Therefore you can take a step further to reach a niche audience for promoting your event. Though the followers of these nano and micro-influencers range between 1000-50000, still they have a much bigger impact on the audience as compared to the ones with followers in big numbers. Their expertise in really niche topics can grab the attention of a specific audience by collaborating with them.

#3 Experiential Marketing aka Engagement Marketing

The power of storytelling is not a secret for anyone, especially for marketers. Experiential marketing is one of the positive results of the increase in demand for storytelling in marketing tactics. As the name suggests, this social media event marketing trend showcases the experiences that a consumer has with a brand. Thus with the advancement of technology, the future of experiential marketing seems bright. It is the modern type of marketing where the entire focus in on engagement.

Geared towards immersing consumers with the product this event marketing trend fosters customer loyalty by developing a deep emotional connection with the audiences. Some of the trends in this type of marketing are Art Installations, Pop-ups, and Transformation, AR/VR, etc. FYI, according to a study, around 70% of users become a permanent customer after attending an experiential event. So, it is not here to just create a buzz in the marketing world.

#4 Social Media Integration

Leverage the integration of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more in your event as it enables your attendees to promote your event. It’s a win-win situation for the marketers as it boosts engagement and brand awareness within the event. The integration of user-generated content aggregated from various social media platforms generates social engagement. For instance, displaying a live social media wall consisting of UGC feeds curated around your event hashtag will make the attendees curious about your brand. Let this social wall be visible for those who are missing out on it.

#5 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest trends in the event marketing industry in 2020. And one of its results is Event Chatbots. But are you aware of them? Event chatbots behave as a human event representative and if integrated with your event, this AI technique can answer all the burning questions related to parking, directions, etc. of the attendees. In short, these chatbots not only amplify audience engagement, sell more tickets of your events, but also act as a personal assistant for attendees.

#6 Augmented Reality

Escape the reality by engulfing Augmented Reality technologies in your event. As per the predictions, AR is going to mark higher popularity in events in 2020 than Virtual Reality (VR) as it creates a real-life experience. Along with this, events embracing AR are most likely to experience a boost in audience engagement. Let this social media event marketing change the way attendees interact in an event.


Events bring a unique opportunity to integrate all the aforementioned social media event marketing trends in 2020. Minimize the impact of the current economic situation by making the most out of the available resources.

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