Struggle & Success: Inspiring Success Story of Sanyam Indurkhya

Struggle & Success: Inspiring Success Story of Sanyam Indurkhya

Hello Folks,

This is Sanyam Indurkhya. I am the director of Saitech Energy Space Systems Pvt. Ltd. Five years back I have started my own solar company i.e. Saitech Energy Space Systems Pvt. Ltd. When I started my company I just invested 15000 rupee with one office boy. It is similar to create something from nothing. I did hard work  for 2 years and struggled a lot I faced many challenges during this journey.  First two years I don’t have any single projects but I keep patience and did work hard until I achieve success.

When a business is new, it’s easy to feel excited and optimistic, but once you’ve been at it for a while, it can sometimes feel just like a job.

The complete process took a long time, required a lot of specialized knowledge and efforts. But it was worth it. It was a lesson in the importance of positioning in a very competitive market.

Today, my solar firm has a big team and my annual turnover is in crores.  In between, I have started solar training institute in which I provide practical solar training to people who want to start their own business with little capital. Till Now, I have trained more than 7000 candidates in solar field  all over the INDIA. Some of them started their own solar business and earning good income. My company Saitech Energy Space systems Pvt.Ltd has been awarded as the Best Startup In Solar Training by SKILL COUNCIL FOR GREEN JOBS. It was the biggest achievement as Solar Startup on International Platform. I want to thank to my parents and family members for supporting me and making me realize that I’m worth everything in this world.

About Saitech Space Systems:

Saitech Energy Space Systems Pvt. Ltd. is Bhopal based rapidly emerging industry in sector of solar energy and energy conservation. The initiatives to form a company to focus on Solar Projects are a move towards forward integration of the company and enter into the rapidly growing business vertical of On-grid and Off-grid Solar Power Solutions. We continue to achieve solar energy solutions and proven financial savings while helping protect the environment. Saitech Energy Space Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an industrial member of Skill Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ).

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