3 Cases Where Surrogacy At Old Age Proved Helpful

3 Cases Where Surrogacy At Old Age Proved Helpful

At what age is it best to consider surrogacy? That’s one question every intended mother has to ask herself before age starts taking the toll on her chances. According to the latest statistics on surrogacy, most women opt for surrogacy after crossing the age of 39 years. It is obvious that closer the woman moves towards the average menopausal age, higher are her chances of going for surrogacy. However, things are not that bleak after all for childless women.

Surrogacy at old age is not a taboo event after all. Here are 3 events of surrogacy at an old age.

1. The Family Extension Is Possible At Any Age

A couple in their 50s lost their son and daughter-in-law to a road accident. Unable to bear the sudden loss of a family, the couple decided to give a shot at pregnancy. However, due to menopause, the woman could not produce any eggs. When they consulted the infertility clinic, they realized that their daughter had stored eggs for future use in case anything goes wrong. While there was no sperm stored by the son, it was left to the man to donate his semen.

The egg of the daughter-in-law was fertilized by the man and the embryo was then transferred into his wife’s womb. At 58, she became a surrogate mother for her dead son and daughter in law using her husband’s sperm.

Thus, the biological relationship was maintained and the family had another member in their brood despite mortal limitations.

While it may sound weird to even consider surrogacy in such cases, the couple managed to take the brave step.

2. Medical Conditions Won’t Be The Dead End

Cancer survivors have a huge sacrifice to deal with. They lose out on their fertility due to extensive sessions of chemo and radiotherapy. However, they can still have their own biological babies from their harvested sperms and eggs, whichever is applicable. Once they find a donor partner, the fertilized embryo is shifted into a surrogate mother. Despite cancer, such individuals have a chance to become parents.

3. Widows Can Get Pregnant Too With Their Dead Husband’s Sperm

It is not a ghost story by any chance. Even at old age, a woman can take a shot at having her own baby using surrogacy. Again, the sperms are harvested from the dead husband’s body and then an egg donor comes into the picture. The surrogate mother becomes the carrier of the fertilized embryo. The chances of successful surrogacy depend on the age of the sperm, the quality of the egg, and the biological capacity of the surrogate.

Egg Donation and Surrogacy has become the reason for happiness and a source of excitement for millions of couples and individuals all over the world. Every individual can now experience parenthood without biological limitations.

Thanks to advancements in fertility techniques and egg banking technologies, women can opt for surrogacy even at the age of 60 years. It all depends on the quality of the egg, the donor sperm, and the surrogate mother who carries the surrogate fetus in her womb.

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