The Journey of a International Life Coach and Healer

The Journey of a International Life Coach and Healer

Pradeep was born with the gift of insight and was a highly sensitive and intuitive child. These were gifts his family didn’t completely understand and so Pradeep grew up ignoring the call of the divine, to lead a conventional life. Born and raised in Gujarat, his path took him to Dubai where he was drawn to various courses and it was these courses that reignited the divine spark within him.

Pradeep quickly rediscovered his intense psychic gifts and healing abilities. He realized that he was able to heal people with touch and intention and could easily connect with the karmic patterns that were holding them back in their lives.

Pradeep spent 27 years in Dubai working, raising a family and simultaneously deepening his psychic gifts. And then in 2012, the Masters he is divinely guided by nudged him to move on.

He believes that life is like a river that keeps flowing and must keep flowing in order to avoid stagnation and so, the next part of his journey landed him in Africa where he set up a healing center in Benin (West Africa) at the invitation of a friend.

Benin is where Pradeep spent most of his time doing Karmic Healing and Psychic Attack Removals which are widely prevalent in African cultures. Pradeep came to be known and acknowledged for his work in Benin and his name became synonymous with healing in that part of the world. However, this time the calling came to move back to his roots and Pradeep decided to move to India.

Pradeep currently lives and works in Mumbai and his healing work is quickly spreading its wings in this busy city. He specializes in Karmic Healing where through his psychic gifts he is able to pinpoint the karmas that are affecting a persons’ growth – material or spiritual.

He then uses several healing techniques to clear away karmic blockages. A few of the popular techniques he has trained himself to use with flair are – Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Theta Healing, Energy and Face Reading, Aura and Chakra Reading and Cleansing.

Pradeep channels the highest wisdom in his healing and is a conduit of The Divine Mother when he works with his clients. He is in direct contact with several Masters (alive and in the other realms), who guide him in his purpose of bringing ease and well-being into peoples’ lives.

A healing session with Pradeep will enable you to identify and heal your karmic blocks so that you can live the joyous life of your dreams. He also offers workshops that enable people to open up to their own divine intuition so that they can live an aware and awakened life.

He not only takes Workshops in MUMBAI but travels around the world for his workshops. Lots of People have been benefited regardless to their religion as Pradeep beleives in one Religion and that is HUMANITY..So all are Welcome from every Sphere of different Religions and feel the Change INSIDE OUT. He also guide Kids to help them build their confidence and work on their fear factor..He also has Groomed Many Actors and Models and make them FEEL Good from within not just LOOK Good . Come and Experience complete Makeover INSIDE OUT with Pradeep.

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