The Journey of a Spiritual and Energy Healer

The Journey of a Spiritual and Energy Healer


Bhavana started her career as a professional in a leading corporate company. A strong believer in Shiva, life and it’s spirituality, she was always curious about nature, living beings, and life itself. She was very keen to understand one’s outlook towards life and the connection that one has with themselves.

She always felt that there was a need for deeper healing and internal change. Due to these constant thoughts and questions along with the motive to make a difference she started her spiritual journey with Reiki in 2002.

What preceded her journey into the emerging mystic field was her own experiences around her life and surroundings. She questioned everything. Why do people experience so much pain, physical illness, emotional blockages, hardships, and much more? She was so much deep into it that she thought of how to get answers to all of this. So as it says ” When the student is ready the teacher appears” and she began to evolve on this journey of her soul purpose.

Taking this forward, today Bhavana is a Certified Reiki Grandmaster, Certified Angel Therapist and Angel Card Reader, Intuitive Reader, Psychic Reader, Ancestral Practitioner, Shamanic practitioner, Aura, and Chakra reader and healer, Lama Fera Healer/ Teacher, Pendulum Dowser, Crystal therapist, Akashic reader and much much more.

She conducts various workshops and has served a lot of people through different healing modalities. Her students feel that Bhavana radiates positivity. She carries very good vibes and just being around her also feels very good. They also say that there is a Divine energy that flows through her to heal and enables one to grow in the path of life.
She conducts various sessions and workshops online, on WhatsApp, distant healing, and in-person as well with the vision of bringing light in people’s life.

My vision:-
To serve the people through healing.
Help them to release the negative blockage that blocks their growth and overall wellbeing.
Bring awareness as to how important it is to love thyself.
To teach mankind to heal themselves and evolve towards the higher connect with creator and thus attain the innate state for their growth and progress of soul on this earth.
To help them understand their energy and the energy of others and their surroundings.
However, there is a lot to say but my intention is what matters to me the most “How can I serve people” so I can bring positive changes in their lives. Gratitude and Blessings.

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