The Person Who Inspire You to Start Your Own Business

The Person Who Inspire You to Start Your Own Business

Every business wants to be on page#1 whether it goes through organic ranking or paid ads and Ankur Kaithwas has built his Digital Marketing startup by his hard work in the same.

At 21, Ankur became a Top Rated Digital Marketer & Started his Own Digital Marketing Company.                           

He started working when he was 19 and during his college days he came to know about the term “digital marketing”, and he starts doing an internship, after the completion of the internship, he started doing part-time jobs in digital marketing company after college hours. He completed his bachelor’s from RGPV University and has Engineering specialize in computer science. And he had this thought of startup in the graduation period itself and as he got his education completed. And being a middle-class boy and not having a business background he decided to do something of his own and devoted his time to digital marketing and founded Digi Partners.

In just 3 years Digi Partners had covered a good distance to reach a high destination of becoming a leading digital marketing company in Indore, India. Not only India, but Digi Partners has also spread his wings in westerns countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. Ankur is highly creative and his approach in digital marketing is different. He has worked with more than 30 brands till now.

He is helping people to bridge the gap between being online and getting success online. Your Business gets noticed by your advertisement. People attract through your creativity. You should be logical and creative while making any digital marketing campaign. Apart from these, Ankur is providing free digital marketing consultancy to grow business online and generate ROI. Here are some Questions & Answers about Ankur’s journey.

1) How did you get your idea for Digital Marketing Agency?

It all started with my brother’s concern who was running his recruitment agency but he was struggling a lot to get a single client. One day, he approached me and shared everything about their business and struggle. It was technically my first assignment apart from my part-time job. It was something unexpected. After that, I have shared my digital marketing plan with him and in 6 months, his website has ranked on Top 5 results in search engine and he started getting leads directly from the website itself.

2) What was the reaction from the family when Ankur first decided to become an entrepreneur?

As he belongs to the service class background, his family was not supporting him to start his own business. There was an immense family pressure to “get a stable job”. A lot of convincing happened and the conversations took turns. It gave birth to the thirst to succeed but with some careful steps.

3) What is your biggest goal in the next 6 months?

We are in the process of making free digital marketing tools for Small & Medium Businesses. We are planning to open some more branches in different cities.

4) What habits contribute to Ankur’s success?

Confidence, Innovation & Logical Approach. He is using his logical approach and creative thinking for the building and implementation of a successful digital marketing campaign.

5) What is Ankur’s favorite inspirational quote?

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

6) Where do you find inspiration?

I got inspiration from my boss. He has started with the same approach and today, he is working with many international brands and doing amazing in the digital marketing field.

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  1. Dev Dutt Das

    Very inspiring. He is so young and yet he has taken the step towards entrepreneurship and doing well. Awesome

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