The World After Corona That You Have Never Seen Before

The World After Corona That You Have Never Seen Before

What will the world be like after coronavirus?

World is facing the pandemic situation due to the effect of COVID-19. In just a few weeks, this pandemic led to the global economic crisis. Suddenly every country is under lockdown and even the simple things in life were marked by numerous restrictions which we never imagined to happen.

The world which we know has changed completely that has come apart and it won’t be the same after the crisis. The emphatic effect of Corona has changed the world dramatically over the last few months. The COVID-19 has resulted in an unimaginable loss to the global economy and this pandemic situation has resulted in an era of global peace due to the unprecedented loss of human lives. In this adverse situation, the Governments and the health professionals are frequently responding to this pandemic situation, by carrying out numerous strategic adjustments.

We need to appreciate the doctors, scientists, and governments unanimously, who are working to hunt for a vaccine to stop this virus in a mission mode. The world is facing the following problems during the pandemic time:

1. Unprecedented losses

Firstly, we need to understand how COVID-19 has dropped the economy of the world. According to the survey, the global economic cost of the virus is approximately $3 trillion, whereas the damages unimaginably go up to $6.5 trillion. Due to the complete lockdown of more than 185 countries, only a quarter part of the economy is functional. Every country is estimated to lose over $4 billion every day due to this pandemic effect.

2. Staggering human cost

The impact of novel coronavirus on many businesses was devastating worldwide. It majorly impacted daily wage workers especially in the agriculture sector, construction segment, and another sector which is heart-wrenching. This resulted in great loss to the humans even though the government is providing ration to the poor freely and in few places at a reduced price. Many of them lost their jobs and few are surviving with their savings.

After the extension of the lockdown, many migrants started to move in this desperate time with no public transport trudging home along the highways. Some people are coaxed to stay at government shelters where they are provided with food along with the shelter. Few local communities managed to serve the poor by donating and collecting the amount from others to offer food for the poor.

Apart from all these things, there are plenty of things learned by the people from this pandemic situation.

3. Green shoots – when will the economic crisis get recovered

The pandemic situation has impacted the economy of many sectors such as real estate, travel, agriculture, petroleum, shipping, and the list goes very long. As every sector is facing an economic crisis, you can expect the green shoots in most sectors only after the recovery.

4. Defeating COVID-19 has become the world’s priority

We aim to minimize the pandemic effects of coronavirus. We have to end the spreading of coronavirus by maintaining social distancing, cleanliness, and hygienic conditions. But tackling the effects of the pandemic corona has become challenging to all the countries. We can handle and can find a way to recover the entire economic crisis after getting recovered from this pandemic effect. As human life is the most important one compared to other things. Hence, we need to cooperate with the government in neutralizing the effect of the virus, this should be our priority.

We need to appreciate the doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, and others who have outperformed most other countries in slowing down the pandemic. The number of COVID patients has increased unexpectedly in a few countries, which resulted in a lack of proper equipment to treat COVID patients. This condition aroused due to the negligence in taking the precautions by the people even during lockdown time.

Most of the hospitals are dedicated to treating COVID-19 patients where emergency setups like ventilators, etc. are mandatory. Many of the surgeries were postponed and if any emergency exists, they are taken into consideration.

5. Big shifts in stock markets

The stock markets were bought down and sold, resulting in a crisis in the economy. Most of the financial institutions like banks have slashed the interest rates due to the pandemic effect. Some governments also ordered the banks to give relaxation for their monthly installments. The world after corona will face worst recession.

6. E-learning and online education

Due to the lockdown, all the schools have been closed and to the bridge, this wide educational gap many schools are using digital platforms and applications to teach online for students to continue their education from the comfort of their homes.

7. Suspending the freedom of travel

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic effect, all the governments have suspended the freedom of travel to reduce contagion. Earlier the disease was spread from China to other countries in the same way.

8. Positive effects of corona pandemic

Even though the world is facing an adverse situation, but this pandemic is showing a few positive effects on the environment. These are explained below-

9. Reduction in air pollution

The shutdown of factories and businesses combined with the cancellation of flights and other means of transport slashed the greenhouse gas emissions resulting in the decrease of air pollution across the globe. If there is some positive to take from this terrible effect of the corona is recovering the ozone layer depletion. This also resulted in a temporary improvement in air quality.

10. Unity in Diversity

It is rightly said that ‘when you remain united and cooperate than the formidable virus-like COVID-19 also fails; united we stand, divided we fall.’ This pandemic effect also developed unity among all the countries. As it is a global challenge for all the scientists to work together internationally including scientists from difficult partner countries such as the People’s Republic of China, to develop therapeutics and vaccines against COVID-19.

It also developed an international exchange of knowledge and scientific cooperation across borders which can be a solution for solving these common global problems affecting the world.

We are now aware of how to achieve international cooperation and intercultural exchange of experience without any physical contact and especially in a virtual environment. For this, digital technology has become the main source for the people who are offering work from home options these days.

Lastly, we need to get prepared to face situations in the post-Corona world. Huge changes can be expected, including traveling i.e., getting a visa to spend time abroad, mobility for international students between countries, continents and the economic conditions requires a lot of time to get set as before. The rules against individual and institutional assessments might become strict and the visa will be permitted based on emergencies. Digital and virtual technologies can be effectively used after the completion of lockdown.

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