Tips & Tricks to Choose Budget Friendly Lehenga For Your Wedding

Tips & Tricks to Choose Budget Friendly Lehenga For Your Wedding


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Wedding day is one of the most important & memorable day of everyone’s life. This is something that you will remember for as long as you live. Everyone wants to look unique. Planning wedding day can be exciting but also difficult to get just right. Some people like to prefer smart shopping and cut down their wedding costs.

What better way to celebrate this day, right?

If you have a limited budget but still want to look gorgeous in your wedding. This blog will help you to choose budget-friendly lehenga for your wedding.

So what are the important things that you need to cover when it comes to buying wedding lehenga?

1)  Choose Right Colour

You should ideally select something which suits your skin tone and personality. You should pick bright and warm shades like Pink, Red, Orange, Peach, and Maroon while choosing the best bridal lehengas. Avoid grey, beige, and navy blue color while selecting the wedding reception lehenga as they look dull in pictures. Colors like grey, navy blue, emerald green, sky blue look lovely on Sangeet day.  You can select such type of colors for sangeet lehenga. I chose a pink color for my wedding lehenga so I can wear it at other weddings as well.

Budget Friendly Lehenga

2) Play with Dupatta

Play around with dupatta for a rich wedding lehenga. The dupatta is an integral part of traditional attire. You can buy one extra contrast dupatta for your wedding lehenga. If your lehenga and choli are heavy, you can go with one lightweight dupatta with some embroidery. A simple contrast dupatta will bring down the cost of your wedding lehenga and will also highlight your lehenga choli.


Color for Wedding lehenga

3)  Borders Are Important In A Wedding Lehenga

You can choose the border of the lehenga according to your height. The most important thing that you should keep in mind while buying budget-friendly lehenga for your wedding is the border. If you buy broader the border on the lehenga, the shorter you will look. In such a case you can go with a narrow border lehenga and heavy embroidery.

 bridal blouse for your wedding lehenga

4) Make Your Blouse The Important Part Of The Lehenga

To choose the right bridal blouse for your wedding lehenga, you need to thoroughly plan each and every aspect of the bridal blouse design right from the color, material, and stitching style. If your lehenga is simple then you can go with a heavy embroidery contrast blouse.

5)  Go with Customised Lehenga

If you have a limited budget, then this trick can help you to save a lot of money. Go to the market and buy the material of the wedding lehenga yourself. Not only would you be saving a lot of money but you will be exposed to a lot of different types of work, fabrics, borders, latches, and dupattas. It will be a wonderful experience.

 colors for sangeet lehenga

Wedding Lehenga

6) Rent Your Wedding Lehenga

If you don’t want to wear your wedding lehenga again due to heavyweight and bright colors. You can rent your lehenga. You can contact any local store and bridal beauty studio to rent your lehenga.

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