10 Unusual and Creative Advertising Ideas For New Product or Service

10 Unusual and Creative Advertising Ideas For New Product or Service

In this blog, we will see unusual and creative advertising ideas for new product or service and also, how brands are using guerilla marketing to grab customer attention. It is a budget friendly marketing creative form of marketing.

Guerilla marketing is a very unconventional form of inbound marketing, in that it raises customer attention, brand awareness among large audiences, without interrupting them. It is a great alternative to traditional marketing.

In this type of marketing, audiences like to be entertained, but not pitched. As we know, people will pay more attention to a humorous commercial than a factual or serious ad. You can design such type of  campaign by adding some emotions, humor and funny things to grab  customer’s attention

You can see how Images speak louder than words. Featuring examples from some of the brands that are using creative advertising tactics to launch a product in the market.

1) Add Some Humor in The Campaign

Adding humor or funny things in the campaign will help you to get a customer’s attention.

new product marketing

2) Tyskie Beer Door Handle Customization

It is kind of a cool idea. The Creative beer mug stickers were installed behind doors of restaurants and shops as a part of the Tyskie beer advertising campaign.

Beer Bar Marketing ideas

3) Clever Colgate Campaign with the words ‘Don’t forget to brush’.

This is how Colgate reminded kids to brush their teeth by feeding them ice cream. It is one of the best ways to target kids.

Best Campaign for kids

4) Creative Billboard

OldTimer Billboard is an effective way of marketing to bring individuals’ attention. It has become an awesome guerrilla marketing strategy. Whenever you are traveling the billboards will definitely grab your attention.

creative ideas for new product marketing

5) Creative Campaign for Shopping Malls & Movie Theaters

new product marketing ideas

6) Instant Ski Vacation

You can picture yourself on an adventurous ski trip. This creative bench ad emulates skis on your feet and snow down below.

Creative Campaign Idea

7) Cosmetic Products Campaign

8) Paints Ad

Coop’s Paints utilize the side of a building right through to the car park for this ad.

ideas for new product launch

9) Swiss Watch Ad

The luxury Swiss watch brand gives you a taste of its watches while riding the bus. One of the best ways to let people know that it will look good on them if they can afford it.creative advertising

10) Mondo Pasta Campaign

New marketing campaign

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